Sunday, 21 January 2018
Mexican Man With World’s Biggest Penis Is A Fraud, Doctor Says He’s Just Six Inches Long

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A man who claims to have the has been called a fraud by a doctor who examined him.
Roberto Esquivel Cabrera had been given the unusual honor of having the world's biggest penis after a 2015 video showed him touting his 18.9-inch manhood.
Cabrera, who is registered as disabled because his massive member has left him unable to find work, cannot kneel down because his penis size stretches beyond his knees making it impossible for him to fit into a uniform.
The government initially rejected Roberto's claims of being disabled. However, it was approved after four months. But Roberto says the financial assistance is not enough, leaving him to visit food banks daily to make ends meet.
Roberto had an X-ray done on the massive penis to satisfy doubters at a Mexican health center. According to the scan, his male appendage was deemed genuine.

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