Sunday, 21 January 2018
22-Year-Old Gymnast Deathly Allergic To Everything, Including Her Hair And Tears, Because Of Rare Condition

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Imagine not being able to eat or drink anything without the fear that it could kill you. That's the reality that 22-year-old gymnast Natasha Coates, of Nottingham, England, has to live with every day. Coates has a condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which means that she's allergic to everything including her hair and tears.
According to The Mastocytosis Society, mast cells are immune system cells that have a lot of functions but they are primarily responsible for protecting the body from infection. When you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, these cells don't work properly. So they can release too many histamines when trying to safeguard the body from a potential infection or they can release these chemicals when there's no need to. This triggers spontaneous reactions that can be devastating.

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