Sunday, 21 January 2018
People Happy Trump Was Golfing During Hawaii Missile ‘State Exercise’ Alarm: ‘Thank God He Was Playing Golf’

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While reports of an "incoming missile" frightened loads of people in Hawaii, there are also many people on social media breathing a sigh of relief that President Donald Trump was golfing in West Palm Beach during a scary emergency alert issued in Hawaii. As reported by MSN, the alert that an which ended up being a false alarm, set hearts fluttering and people panicking in Hawaii before they learned there was no incoming missile.
While plenty of social media posts show folks expressing anger that Trump is once again on the golf course, others are expressing relief that Trump wasn't allegedly near nuclear codes at the time. With Trump's mental health at the center of controversy, Twitter users are writing that with Trump being on the golf course at the time of the false alert, the golfing activity may have delayed Trump from sending a missile into the atmosphere based on a false alert.

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