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Paquin Corroborates Page’s Harassment by Ratner on X-Men: Last Stand

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Paquin Corroborates Page's Harassment by Ratner on X-Men: Last Stand
X-Men: The Last Stand co-star Anna Paquin has corroborated the abuse that Ellen Page allegedly suffered at the hands of Brett Ratner.

The Irishman Gets Anna Paquin as Robert De Niro's Daughter

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Oscar winning actress Anna Paquin has been set to play Peggy, the daughter of Robert De Niro's Frank Sheeran in Netflix's The Irishman.


True Blood star Anna Paquin recognised self in nudity scene during BBC News broadcast

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BBC's News at Ten recently caused a stir after viewers spotted that a screen behind the...


Anna Paquin Was Amused Her True Blood Sex Scene Was Accidentally Shown on BBC Newscast

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The mystery of Boobgate has been solved! As you scrolled bleary-eyed down your Facebook feed this week, avoiding posts about impending nuclear winter and various mindless memes from...


True Blood star Anna Paquin reveals it was her bare breasts that accidentally appeared on BBC News at Ten

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True Blood star Anna Paquin has revealed it was her bare breasts that were accidentally broadcast live during the BBC's News at Ten.

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Could Anna Paquin Appear As Rogue on Fox’s The Gifted?

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The Gifted star Stephen Moyer won't rule out the possibility that Anna Paquin make a cameo as the X-Man Rogue on the new Fox TV drama.


Is Rogue Getting Recast in X-Men 7: Dark Phoenix?

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New audition tapes hint that Anna Paquin may not be coming back as Rogue in the next X-Men sequel Dark Phoenix.



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