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Top Battlefield YouTuber Blames EA for Manipulating the Medias Voice

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One of EA's "Game Changers" has turned his back on the company. Accuses them of "manipulating the media's voice."


ISIS still has up to 10,000 loyalists in Syria and Iraq

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After its losses on the battlefield, ISIS is transforming into a new threat, with as many as 10,000 loyalists still lurking in Iraq and Syria.

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Total War: Warhammer II Patch Notes - Tomb Kings Update Patch Notes and Reworking Bretonnia

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From GameWatcher: "Total War: Warhammer II continues its predecessor knack for mixing Games Workshop fantasy world with Total War's long-standing strategy formula, delivering an incredible spectacle of fantasy combat. Uniting magic and heroes with large fielded armies, Warhammer II brings together thousands of troops on screen with the unique appeal of large mythological creatures on the battlefield, creating an exciting experience that should definitely be applied to other IPs."


[Interview] The Voice of the North American D.Va of Overwatch, Charlet Chung

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Invenglobal: "As an ex-professional StarCraft player recruited for her skills and quick thinking, D.Va dove into the Overwatch battlefield. She has many iconic catch phrases like "Nerf this!" and "I play to win!" There's no denying the charm present in D.Va's voice, which captures both the confidence and brightness of her personality. Charlet Chung, the voice actress for D.Va, is just as charming as the character herself - and I'm not just talking about her looks. As we spoke with her, she carried the conversation with a distinct merriment and we were able to experience the depth of her acting and charm in person."


New Details for Apex Construct Coming from Former Battlefield and Mirrors Edge Developers

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You'll be able to play the game on PlayStation VR very soon, with other HMDs supported after.


All Battlefield 1 Operations Are Now Open to All Players, No Premium Pass Required

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To help keep the Operations mode servers populated, DICE is giving all players access to new maps.


Russia's EXPLOSIVE war games: Thousands of troops simulate ATTACK in huge drills

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RUSSIA has sparked fears of a potential war looming as thousands of troops simulated a deadly attack during huge military drills. Pictures from the Khmelyovka training ground show soldiers in a massive range of war scenarios, including detonating weapons on the battlefield.


Forged Battalion - Early Access Impressions | Gamereactor

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Petroglyph returns to a familiar battlefield.


Desperate search for victims after Calif. mudslides

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Local sheriff compares landscape to battlefield, with mud, boulders, wrecked cars, trashed buildings, tree limbs all around


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