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Downing Street has 'no specific plans' to build Boris Johnson's proposed Channel Bridge

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Downing Street has said there are "no specific plans" to build an English Channel bridge, according to reports.

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How to setup Belkin's Wemo Bridge for HomeKit

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Finally, your Wemo devices will play nice with Apple's home automation platform.

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Meghan Markle's Latest Outfit Features One Stylish Surprise We Bet You Missed

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it seems Meghan Markle has a few stylish tricks up her sleeve. As fans keep their eyes peeled for every new ensemble the American star and future bride steps out in, some may have missed...

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Largest Nordic Construction Company Tries To Bridge The Gap

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New Skanska CEO Anders Danielsson is taking sweeping measures to try to turn the Nordic region’s largest construction company. Skanska has also warned of lower than expected profits.

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“A Bridge to the Future” Design Competition: Create the car interior of the future

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We present an exclusive design contest that invites you to create an original car interior based on an innovative patent pending solution developed by Italian SINTEC. The winners will receive royalties for the patent's future applications. Car Body Design has partnered with engineering company SINTEC to help promoting an original worldwide patent pending solution that ...]


Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon review - ChristCenteredGamer

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Another azure moon is on the horizon and if it fully eclipses, what is left of humanity will fall into an everlasting slumber. To seal the Moon Queens powers, the Curia arranges a saint to be offered as a sacrifice. The Moon Queen is well aware of the saints special time-altering power and wants to claim it for herself. If this happens, the world is doomed so a guard has been assigned to the saint. Aluche is a knight of the Curia and a childhood friend of the saint, Liliana. Aluche is well aware of Lilianas role and does not want to see her friend die and would like to avoid it if possible.


Let's Remember The Time Chris Redfield Punched That Boulder

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Taking a look at when the Resident Evil series jumped the shark; specifically the moment in Resident Evil 5 when Chris Redfield punched a boulder so hard it fell off a cliff to create a bridge over lava.


Universal Trying to Salvage Dark Universe’s Bride of Frankenstein Film

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Universal Trying to Salvage Dark Universe's Bride of Frankenstein Film
Pre-production on Universal's Bride of Frankenstein remake appears to have resumed.

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At least 10 killed in Colombia bridge collapse

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At least ten people were killed Monday after a bridge collapsed near Bogota, Colombia, according to the country's Civil Defense authorities.


Westminster Bridge attack: Victims' families demand internet giants end spread of extremism online

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The families of the Westminster terror attack victims today demanded internet firms do more to prevent further atrocities by tackling the spread of extremist material online.

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