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Cooperative Housing Complex wagnisART / bogevischs buero architekten stadtplaner GmbH + SHAG Schindler Hable

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The project realised by bogevischs buero architekten and SHAG Architekten was built in the new Domagkpark residential district. The zoning plan offered the possibility to design buildings with little restrictions. This offered the possibility to form the buildings in such a way that courtyards and passages open the property to its surrounding and at the same time form intimate communal spaces for the inhabitants. The housing complex consists of five freestanding buildings, and are organized around large central staircases. On set back top floors the houses are connected to each other via bridges, that generate a roof garden landscape of unique size and variety. On the ground floor of the houses, a large number of common rooms, ateliers, workshops, business spaces and open areas were created to serve the different activities of the residents and the entire neighborhood

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Zalige Bridge / NEXT architects

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The Zalige bridge in is the key project linked to water and its uses within the urban river park that was created as part of , a nation-wide project initiated by the ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to prevent flooding. In the measures included the displacement of the dike, combined with the construction of a lateral gully in the widened floodplains. This bypass created a new recreational island and a new urban river park. The Zalige bridge is the icon of the path that runs through the riverpark.


Confluence of crises crashes Trump's 'Infrastructure Week'

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This was supposed to be “Infrastructure Week” for U.S. President Donald Trump, a time to unveil a long-promised plan to create jobs by revitalizing America's roads and bridges.


Wade Logan Bridgeton Sectional Sofa - $1229.99

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This Wade Logan Bridgeton Sectional Sofa features a thick firm and comfortable cushion made from three layers of eco-friendly medium density foam. ...

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A jilted arsonist couldn't keep lovers away from the iconic bridges of Madison County

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The Cedar Covered Bridge went up in flames last year because of lost love. But the enduring story of these bridges is all about romance.

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Trump: "It's time to rebuild our own country and take care of our own citizens"

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The meeting is the latest push for the administration's plan to rebuild the nation's roads and bridges


Green Energy Is Hoping The President's Infrastructure Plan Doesn't Crumble

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The president has formally introduced his infrastructure plan, vowing to raise $1.5 trillion for such things as roads, bridges and transmission. But cracks are already surfacing in the proposal, which green energy advocates hope they can mend.

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Trump says 'OK with me' if plan to rebuild roads founders

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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump sent Congress a sweeping plan Monday to rebuild the nation's depleted roads and bridges — then immediately raised doubts about how committed he was to delivering on that campaign promise.

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