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Oklahoma Science Teacher, 22, Charged with Rape of Teenage Student After Police Barge In

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Sheriff's deputies barged in on a tryst she had allegedly set up with the teenage student

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Bahrain MRF: Falchero beats Van Kalmthout to win Race 4

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Pole-sitter and Race 3 winner Rinus Van Kalmthout briefly lost the lead to Falchero on the opening lap, but managed to retake the position only a couple of corners later to reinstate the status quo.While Van Kalmthout and Falchero were battling out at the front, Dylan Young and Henning Enqvist made contact at the first corner, the latter launched into an airbone 360-degree spin.Both ...

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Florida Man Being Chased By Police Asks 911 To Call Donald Trump

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A Florida man being chased by police phoned 911 and asked a dispatcher to contact the White House so he could speak to his “close friend,” President Donald Trump.

Mathematician's study of 'swarmalators' could direct future science

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How does the Japanese tree frog figure into the latest work of a noted mathematician? As it turns out, quite prominently. Researchers used the curious mating ritual of male Japanese tree frogs as inspiration for their exploration of 'swarmalators' -- their term for systems in which both synchronization and swarming occur together.

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Jane the Virgin Recap: Isabel Allende!

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Anezka had a nice run, didn’t she? But I think we all knew it was time for her to go. The twin switcheroo stuff was fun for a surprisingly long time — much longer than I ever imagined Jane the Virgin would be able to sustain it. It’s also remarkable ...

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School cancels Muslim speaker after teacher organising presentation receives threats

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A teacher at Northeastern Middle School in Bristol, Connecticut, had invited a local Muslim woman to speak about her faith and sent a note to parents informing them of the event. The letter, which was posted online, introduced the speaker as a New York City native who resided in Connecticut and had founded an organisation devoted to “empowerment of Muslim women”. In a statement to NBC, Bristol Public Schools superintendent Susan Kalt Moreau said despite the cancellation “there was an outpouring of support for bringing a speaker in to support our curriculum which includes religions of the world”.

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Deadly selfies

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India records more so-called "killfie" incidents than any other country, researchers say.


Samsung killed the salsa moat in its best French door fridge to date video

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With an updated design, a new auto-filling water pitcher and near-perfect performance, this counter-depth Samsung fridge feels like a legit luxury.

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Women-run start-ups hampered by bias among male investors, study finds

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Researchers examined data for nearly 18,000 start-ups and found that companies started by women have a harder time finding funding because male investors prefer companies started by men.

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Chance discovery of forgotten 1960s 'preprint' experiment

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Researchers in physics and mathematics have long used 'preprints' -- preliminary versions of their scientific findings published on internet servers for anyone to read. In 2013, similar services were launched for biology, but following a chance discovery, a scientist and historian has unearthed a long-forgotten experiment in biology preprints that took place in the 1960s.

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