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Turning light upside down

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Researchers have developed a 'hyperbolic metasurface' on which light propagates with completely reshaped wavefronts. The achievement towards a more precise control and monitoring of light is particularly relevant to the technological challenges of miniaturizing optical devices for sensing and signal processing.

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Trump repeats support for arming teachers in listening session

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In the wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, President Trump has held two listening sessions. While meeting with law enforcement Thursday, he repeated his support for a plan to arm teachers. CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett reports.


West Virginia's Teachers Walk Off The Job, Protesting Low Pay And Benefit Cuts

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Teachers formed picket lines and descended on the state Capitol to demand higher salaries and better insurance. The state has some of the lowest teacher pay in the country.

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Parkland and Newtown parents: Arming teachers 'no-starter'

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Fred Guttenberg and Mark Barden, who both lost children in Parkland and Newtown, urge politicians to act on gun control and slam President Trump and the NRA for suggesting that teachers should be armed to prevent mass shootings.

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Developing reliable quantum computers

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Quantum computers may one day solve algorithmic problems which even the biggest supercomputers today can't manage. But how do you test a quantum computer to ensure it is working reliably? Depending on the algorithmic task, this could be an easy or a very difficult certification problem. An international team of researchers has taken an important step towards solving a difficult variation of this problem, using a statistical approach.

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Police find guns at home of California teen who threatened school shooting

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Police in California found a stash of weapons in the house of a teenage student who had threatened to shoot up his school, the Los Angeles County sheriff's department said Wednesday. Sheriff Jim McDonnell said police had arrested the 17-year-old student, who made the threat during an argument with a teacher on Friday, two days after a teenager killed 17 people in a gun rampage at a school in Florida. Police also found two handguns and 90 high-capacity ammunition magazines, the sheriff said.

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Trump: Arm some teachers to 'fire back if a savage sicko came to a school'

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President Trump denied that he wants to arm teachers with guns, despite seeming to offer that suggestion during a “listening session” about school shootings the day before.

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There will never be another Billy Graham, because the world that made him possible is gone

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The world that made Bill Graham, the cohesive culture of postwar America, is gone, and no one preacher will ever again unite all strains of evangelical Christianity as he did.

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Donald Trump Proposes Pay Bonus For Armed Teachers

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President Donald Trump doubled down on his suggestion that arming teachers could help prevent school shootings on Thursday, adding that those trained to use firearms could receive extra pay.

Parkland Student Says Arming Teachers With Guns Is A 'Terrible Idea'

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Alfonso Calderon is not here for President Donald Trump’s idea to arm teachers with guns.

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