Sunday, 21 January 2018
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Land that nobody wants

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January 21, 2018 5:00 AM
The scenario was a landowner's dream. A new trunk road was coming to Greater Tokyo and a small patch of scrubby grass, good for nothing much else, lay directly in its path. A bit of gumption, an able lawyer and Japan's transport ministry would have to pay up.

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Paul Bocuse, modest but grandiose French chef, dies at 91

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He was modest about his accomplishments in the kitchen but grandiose in his dreams. Paul Bocuse credited his long reign as France's master chef to everything but himself: good produce fresh from the garden, a superb kitchen staff and happy diners.
But the three-star Michelin rating held since 1965...


Shareef O'Neal Says He Loves LeBron, But Lakers Are His Dream Team

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Move over, Ball bros -- Shareef O'Neal says the Lakers are his #1 choice when he goes pro ... and if we were Magic Johnson, we'd start working OT to make it happen. We got Shaq's son touching down in LAX ... and asked who he'd want...



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The best luxury hotel suites and pool villas around the world.

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St. Barth Properties Adds New Villas

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St. Barth Properties has been hard at work helping visitors to the picturesque island live their dream.

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Palm Springs: a desert full of designer dreams

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Palm Springs is booming, says Julia Buckley

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Glorious Pc Masterrace Glorious No More?

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Is it the right time to get the PC of your dreams and join the Glorious PC Master Race? Indian Noob analyzes the current scenario for both PC and console gamers, and gives his opinion.


21 Inspiring Quotes About Success, Persistence and What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur

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Leaders of companies big and small share the mindset it takes to achieve your dreams in the face of all obstacles.

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It was only a matter of time: The Tide Pod doughnut is born

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Who says you can't eat Tide Pods? Okay, well, the answer is everyone, including the makers of Tide Pods (and Rob Gronkowski). But if you were searching for a way to skirt the rule and still satisfy your meme dreams, Hurts Donuts had you covered on Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Forbidden snacks, ranked For one day only, the Springfield, Missouri, doughnut shop offered a Tide Pod doughnut — a pleasant alternative to poisoning yourself with a laundry pod.  No, they do not look particularly juicy, but the colors are spot-on. Most of all, it just looks like a really good yeast donut. Overall, it seems that that customers were big fans of the breakfast treat, including local resident Clayton Cheatum, who delivered a delightful review to local NBC affiliate KSN. “I got the Tide Pod doughnut ... because it’s a popular trend on Facebook and Twitter,” he said. "I was like well, you know, I’m on a diet right now but ... I don’t think Tide Pods got carbs in them, might as well try it.” WATCH: This Ikea magazine ad is also a pregnancy test

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'I always think there's a chance' - Fraserburgh boss prepares for Rangers

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Knocking Rangers out of the Scottish Cup may be a dream for Mark Cowie but the Fraserburgh boss insists dreams sometimes do come true.

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