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CRACKS IN THE EU: The eight favourites to follow Britain in leaving the bloc

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AFTER Brexit, the cracks in the EU are beginning to appear as Euroscepticism is on the rise across the continent.


Macron and Renzi branded 'ridiculous' for trying to fight Europe's populist uprising

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EMMANUEL Macron and Matteo Renzi have been branded "ridiculous" after vowing to tackle the rise of Euroscepticism.


MAPPED: Which nations are europhile or eurosceptic? and how euroscepticism is spreading...

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THIS map reveals the most Eurosceptic countries on the continent, as a string of European Union member states including Italy saying they have been let down by the bloc.


Euroscepticism rising across continent - the 10 nations putting EU in danger

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BRUSSELS has been plunged into a fresh crisis after recent national elections revealed surging euroscepticism which could result in more countries leaving the EU.


Italian Euroscepticism reflects 'EXTREME' tension behind Brexit vote, says think tank CEO

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ITALIAN scepticism towards the European Union is a reflection of the “extreme” tensions behind the Brexit vote, a think tank CEO has said.


‘Even the Pope gets elected!’ EU MUST change how it chooses leaders, says former minister

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THE EUROPEAN Union must change the way it elects its leaders if it is to halt the wave of euroscepticism across the bloc, the UK’s former minister for Europe said.


Anti-EU rhetoric props up Czech election race

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The recent decision to stop taking asylum seekers is the latest sign of growing euroscepticism ahead of elections in October, with billionaire Andrej Babis as favourite.

Election blues in UK seaside hotbed of euroscepticism

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May 28, 2017 1:28 PM
CLACTON-ON-SEA, UNITED KINGDOM (AFP) - Having voted for Labour, the Conservatives and then the eurosceptic UK Independence Party (Ukip), voters in a faded seaside town are running out of places to turn in Britain's upcoming general election.


Support Macron to STOP Euroscepticism sweeping across Europe, German minister urges Merkel

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GERMANY should throw its support behind Emmanuel Macron in a desperate bid to fight against the growing tide of Euroscepticism and populism spreading across the EU, the nation’s foreign minister has claimed.


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