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Dramatic video shows North Korean soldier escape

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The US-led UN command released dramatic video showing a North Korean soldier dash across border into South Korea as North Korean troops fire at him. The defector was wounded. The UN says North Korea violated the Korean War armistice by firing. (Nov. 22)


Escape from North Korea: video shows defector under fire

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a violation of the ceasefire accord between North and South, a video released on Wednesday by the U.N. Command (UNC) in Seoul showed.


Jurors weigh San Francisco pier killing 2 years after death

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The criminal case against a Mexican man accused of killing a woman on a crowded San Francisco pier is coming to a close more than two years after setting off a national firestorm over immigration.

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Remains of 2 victims found after fire at Pa. nursing home

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The massive fire gutted the structure in West Chester, Pa. last week

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Ukraine rebel leader accuses sacked ally of staging revolt

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Armed men in masks blocked off the center of Ukraine's rebel-controlled city of Luhansk on Tuesday in what the rebel leader said was a revolt by supporters of a sacked regional police chief. In fighting that broke out in 2014, Russian-backed rebels threw off rule by a new pro-Western leadership in Kiev and set up two self-proclaimed separatist statelets in eastern Ukraine, one centered on Luhansk and another around the city of Donetsk. The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which monitors the implementation of a much-violated ceasefire agreement with Ukraine, said on Tuesday it had observed military-style vehicles and armed men in central Luhansk.

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Zimbabwe latest news live: Emmerson Mnangagwa set to return to be sworn in as president after Robert Mugabe's resignation

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Zimbabwe's recently fired vice president is set to return to the country to be sworn in as leader after a week of turmoil saw the military swoop into the capital and oust Robert Mugabe.

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Jurors weigh San Francisco pier killing 2 years after death

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The criminal case against a Mexican man accused of killing a woman on a crowded San Francisco pier is coming to a close more than two years after setting off a national firestorm over immigration. Jurors started deliberating Tuesday after prosecutors and defense attorneys argued whether Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was ...]

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Stunning CCTV Footage Shows North Korean Defector Being Shot By Border Guards

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United Nations Command on Tuesday released dramatic footage of a North Korean soldier defecting from his country and fleeing south across the Demilitarized Zone last week only to be fired upon by his fellow border guards.

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CBS, PBS Cut Ties With Charlie Rose Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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CBS has fired “This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose amid allegations he sexually harassed and groped multiple women.

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Power struggle shakes breakaway republic in eastern Ukraine as armed men seize Luhansk

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Armed men seized the capital of a Russia-backed separatist republic in eastern Ukraine amid a power struggle between two top officials.  The takeover of Luhansk on Tuesday followed a decision by Igor Plotnitsky, the head of the breakaway Luhansk People's Republic, to fire interior minister Igor Kornet the night before. Luhansk state television showed masked men with assault rifles and heavy machine guns blocking the entrances of administrative buildings and streets in the centre of Luhansk on Tuesday, reportedly on the orders of the interior ministry. One of them wore the blue uniform the interior ministry's Berkut unit, a police force specialising in putting down riots. The armed men had ignored Plotnitsky's command to leave, Russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported. A video on Tuesday evening showed what appeared to be dozens of military vehicles entering Luhansk from the direction of the neighbouring Donetsk separatist republic, although a Donetsk official denied it was intervening. Igor Plotnitsky, head of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic, salutes during Victory Day military parade. Credit: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters In a video on Tuesday Kornet said he wanted to “dispel rumours” of his dismissal and said his forces had captured Ukrainian saboteurs who were attempting terrorist attacks in the republic. He also claimed that Plotnitsky's chief of staff and the head of the security service had been implicated in a coup attempt last year and arrested on Plotnitsky's orders, along with the general director of the state television company. But Plotnitsky later said in a statement on his website that Kornet had indeed been fired and the actions of interior ministry forces “crossed all acceptable lines”. He said the “attempts of certain people to remain in power” were futile and “will be completely neutralised in the near future”. The outcome of the power struggle remained unclear on Tuesday. Novaya Gazeta reported that the republic's state security ministry, military headquarters and people's militia were “not participating in the conflict between Plotnitsky and Kornet”.  Interior minister Igor Kornet visits a penal colony near Luhansk in 2016. Credit: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters Separatists seized control of much of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions in April 2014 following the establishment of a pro-Western government in Kiev and Russia's annexation of Crimea. The ensuing conflict between the rebels, who have received military assistance from neighbouring Russia, and government forces has claimed more than 10,000 lives.  A ceasefire agreed in Minsk in 2015 has been regularly violated, and a Ukrainian soldier died in a mortar strike on Monday. Several top separatist commanders have been assassinated since the start of the conflict.    

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