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In living color: Seeing cells from outside the body with synthetic bioluminescence

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Glowing creatures like fireflies and jellyfish are captivating to look at but also a boon for science, as their bioluminescent molecules contribute to visualizing a host of biological processes. Now, scientists have supercharged these molecules, making them hundreds of times brighter in deep tissues and allowing for imaging of cells from outside the body. The bioengineered light source was used to track cancer cells in mice and brain-cell activity in monkeys, but its applications extend beyond the lab.

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UN bid for Syria ceasefire falters as Russia says no deal

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February 23, 2018 8:32 AM
UNITED NATIONS, United States (AFP) - After two weeks of negotiations, Russia on Thursday (Feb 22) told the United Nations Security Council that there was still no agreement on a 30-day ceasefire in Syria, dimming hopes of international action to halt the carnage in Eastern Ghouta.


Gun-control advocates press Rubio for tougher stand on firearms

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Rubio expressed a new openness to tighter gun restrictions in his emotionally charged exchanges with survivors of last week’s deadly shooting and the parents of victims.

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'Walking Dead' Star Admits To That Eye-Opening Mistake

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At this point in “The Walking Dead” timeline, longtime zombie hunter Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) could probably fire a weapon with his eyes closed, so the question is, uh, did he?

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The Sad Story of the Tucker 48 Killed in a Fire

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Tucker 1023 was burned beyond recognition.

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Trump: Arm some teachers to 'fire back if a savage sicko came to a school'

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President Trump denied that he wants to arm teachers with guns, despite seeming to offer that suggestion during a “listening session” about school shootings the day before.

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Florida officials can be removed from office and fined $5,000 for attempting to enforce stricter gun controls

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While Florida's lawmakers refuse to consider banning assault weapons following the Parkland school shooting, some local politicians say they want to act. Florida’s statute gives the state sole authority to regulate firearms. Towns, cities and counties have been banned from making their own gun laws since the 1987, but it was only seven years ago that the state’s Republican-controlled House introduced the threat of penalties.

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Donald Trump Proposes Pay Bonus For Armed Teachers

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President Donald Trump doubled down on his suggestion that arming teachers could help prevent school shootings on Thursday, adding that those trained to use firearms could receive extra pay.

Police advocacy group says it opposes arming teachers

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WASHINGTON (AP) — An advocacy group for police officers assigned to secure the nation's schools has a simple message about arming teachers: Don't do it. The National Association of School Resource Officers said Thursday it strongly recommends that no firearms be allowed on a school campus except those carried by carefully selected, specially trained police ...]

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Mainstays Ledger 7.8W x 4.9D ft. Outdoor Canopy Top Grill Gazebo - $99.99

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This Mainstays Ledger 7.8W x 4.9D ft. Outdoor Canopy Top Grill Gazebo features fire-proof canopy cover that provides an extra level of safety ...

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