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WikiLeaks Publishes ‘Fire And Fury’ Book To Read Free Online: Full 327-Page PDF Of Real Book May Hurt Sales

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WikiLeaks has published the entire Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House book by Michael Wolff online. As seen in the below tweet from the WikiLeaks account, a link to the PDF version of the book was uploaded to a Google Drive link and published on Sunday, January 7, at 2:54 p.m. Since that time, the tweet has gained thousands of likes and thousands of retweets, with nearly 1,000 replies to the Twitter account.
A comparison of a paid Kindle version of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House to the WikiLeaks PDF version of the book appears to verify that the books are indeed the same, with the same Table of Contents and random passages from the book. , as reported by the Inquisitr, have captured the reading world, with a purported peek into the palace intrigue that surrounds President Donald Trump's White House.


4 things you should know about Google Drive's future

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Google Drive is kaput! Wait -- no, it isn't. Here's what you need to know about Google's cloud plans.

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Equifax hack may affect up to 143M people, Google Drive changes coming video

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In this week's wrap-up, credit-reporting company Equifax says it was the victim of an enormous data breach. Meanwhile, Google lets the world know its plan to replace the Google Drive desktop app.

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Google Drive is dying -- time to update video

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The desktop program for backing up files to Google's cloud is changing. Get to know the new system now.

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Google Drive goes down and social media erupts with worldwide office chaos

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Google Drive went offline on Thursday afternoon leaving millions of businesses unable to function.  The server for Google's office tools section started having problems at around 3pm BST, affecting users in the UK, Europe, US and South America. The red areas indicate Google Drive outages at 4:45pm BST on Thursday Credit: Down Detector Google said: "There is a known service disruption. You can stay updated with the Apps Status Dashboard."  It is unclear what has caused the problem with the hugely popular file creation and sharing service.  Down Detector, a site that monitors internet outages, reported hundreds of incidents. Its live map showed problems in countries across the world including the UK, France, the US, Brasil and India.  Google Drive is home to tools that are regularly used in offices, including text, spreadsheet and slide show editors. Yup, it's confirmed: Google Drive is down.— Zaynab (@Soulaimaniya) September 7, 2017 As businesses turn to the cloud for their services, many companies have dropped the use of offline programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, in favour of internet-hosted ones like those in Drive.  Affected users took to social media to vent their frustration at being unable to carry out their work.  When Google Drive is down and you realize your entire career is in the hands of the internet— al (@alexmcclard) 7 September 2017 When you really need to get work done and @googledrive is down...— Tavia Clark (@tavia_clark) 7 September 2017 Live stream of Google Drive @googledrive right now— Ryan Blake (@ryanfblake) 7 September 2017 That moment you rely on @googledrive for everything you do, and it decides not to work. Guess it'll be a productive morning.— Paul Watson (@paul_h_watson) 7 September 2017 Sitting here waiting for google drive to work like...— Mallory Rivera (@MallyRiv) 7 September 2017 Google drive is down. Now what?— Jill Shepherd (@jillshep15) 7 September 2017  Some users said the outage could affect their ability to graduate from college.  Google Drive is down and I may not graduate from college because of this.— Claudia Delgado M (@claudiadelgadom) 7 September 2017  

Get ready to update, because Google Drive dies next March

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The new Backup and Sync app expands Google's approach to file storage spanning your PC and phone. Your choices: update now or update later.

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Google Drive is being replaced by Backup and Sync: What to expect

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Google Drive for both the PC and Mac will begin to die on December 11, Google said this week. Depending on whether you’re a business user or a strict consumer, it will be reborn as one of two new apps: Backup and Sync, for consumers, or Drive File Stream, for businesses. Here's what to expect during the transition.When Google Drive is going away, and how
Note that Google doesn’t appear to be making any changes to the Drive service itself, just the apps. Google currently offers 15GB of online storage with Drive, and those files are accessible with any device with a Drive app installed. Those devices include Android devices, iPhones, and iPads—whose Drive mobile apps are apparently being left untouched.

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Google Drive down: Millions of users left unable to access online files after 'disruption'

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Google Drive users have been left unable to access their online files as the technology giant admitted it was dealing with "disruption".

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8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

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Happy Friday, iPhone and iPad owners! We've got one last batch of paid iOS apps on sale for free that you can enjoy before you slip away into the weekend. There's great variety in today's roundup, so everyone is sure to find something of interest. Just be sure to grab these apps before the sales end and you have to pay to download them.
This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Face It - Back Camera Selfie

Normally $0.99.
Take the perfect selfie using the high quality back camera of your iPhone!
It's super simple: just start the Face It app, point the rear camera at your face and wait for the buzzzzzz.
Smart Edit analyzes your photo and allows you to easily apply different effects to make your selfie look perfect.
Key features:
- automatic face detection - just Face It!
- for the best possible quality adjusts the focus, exposure and white-balance automatically.
- no more blurry selfies: takes the photo only when you hold the device steady.
- take up to three photos in a row and pick the ones you like best.
- all your selfies are saved into the "Face It" album inside the Photos gallery.
- Smart Edit: automatically adjust the colors, crop, rotate, add a vignette effect, and make your face stand-out.
Face It and smile!

Normally $0.99.
Tasse is an elegant and easy-to-use app that keeps you focused on your daily tasks.
It's designed to help you prioritize your tasks and maximize productivity.
Every day, you add your main task and two side tasks. You can list other tasks you might also want to get done. Plan tomorrow the same way.
Prioritize your daily tasks, accomplish more with Tasse, today!

Normally $2.99.
Sometimes it pays to talk about things in a roundabout way.
Roundabout is a team game where one player must get the rest of the team to guess a word without saying that word or four other key words.
The app uses speech recognition to automatically detect when a player uses a word that is forbidden.
If you like the card game Taboo™ or any other charades games, you will certainly like Roundabout!

Normally $2.99.
Immerse your eyes, ears and mind in minimize, a beautiful game of simplification and foresight. Simply swipe to change gravity and minimize each puzzle to where no blocks remain.
- 140 colorful, handcrafted levels
- Minimalist, isometric design
- Each progressive level is built upon its predecessor
- Peaceful, captivating soundtrack
- Leaderboards and achievements
- Sync progress over iCloud
Universal Search Engine

Normally $0.99.
Featured on Yahoo, AppShopper and !
Search on Internet in Smart and optimized way
A powerful App to get the Top search result from six different search engine in Single App .
Advantage of this App:-
* Save a lot of time of User
* NO need to browse from different website ,
* A lot of search results from different websites
Key feature of App:-
* Search results from Google
* Search results from Bing
* Search results from Yahoo
* Search results from
* Search results from
* Search results from
** This App show top results from search engine and show it within the app . You can open that results within the App .
** Only one time input to search from all different search engine .
** Easily switch to another search engine result .
** No need to fill same thing Again . it will search automatically for your text .
** you can also open the link of search results within the App .
** A must have App for the people who frequently use search engine .
** You need not to open different search homepage to find optimized results . This App will do it for you automatically.
** Easy to use App.
** This App will change the way of searching on Internet to get best results .
Thank you !!

Normally $0.99.
Expand your vocabulary efficiently as you browse your favourite websites for your language study!
Vocabulary building tool for all language learners!
# Features
- [Word List] Browse web sites and look up words you don't know. The app will automatically keep track of words that you look up.
- [Flashcards] Review words with fun using cards. Swipe to the right if you memorized it, or to the left if you can't remember it.
- [For Any Language] The app uses the iOS default dictionary. Install dictionaries of your choice for any language that you are learning.
- [Bookmarks from Safari] You can easily bookmark pages that you are viewing on Safari.

Normally $1.99.
FileCalendar is an incredibly useful app that works directly with your existing iPhone and iPad calendar. It lets you attach files, notes and contacts to events.
FileCalendar is intuitive and easy to use. Only a few clicks and the files are saved directly to the events, either through the app FileCalendar or through other apps. It is even possible to capture images and movies from the built-in camera and store them in your event.
Files can be renamed, shared and uploaded to cloud storage apps such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive or Google Drive. Images can be posted.
FileCalendar is a powerful calendar app in itself. You can edit and add calendar events. These adjustments will be automatically synchronized with your existing iPhone and iPad calendar.
Files will only be stored on the devices on which they have been attached to calendar events.
Try out this app for free on your device. You can use FileCalendar Lite.
• Built-in Camera
• Easy-to-use app to attach files to calendar events
• Easy upload of files from iTunes on your PC to FileCalendar
• Share your files with friends
• Synchronize events with the default calendar
• The app operates with more than 20 frequent file types
• Upload files to cloud apps
• User-friendly functions to search for and to rename files
• Write notes
• Zip and unzip files
• Free of advertising

Normally $1.99.
"SquirrelWarz: The Cutest RTS the World Has Ever Seen" -
"...very pinnacle of the iPad RTS " -
The squirrels have organized and chosen you as their leader! Gather resources, protect your home tree, and reclaim your territory with your own loyal army of furry fighters.
• Great for beginners new to real time strategy games.
• No ads.
• Beautiful hand-drawn and watercolor animations.
• Original soundtrack filled with melodicas, Marxophones, mouth harps and toy pianos.
• Easy to learn and filled with our fun sense of humor.
• Support for Game Center with Achievements and Leaderboards, with custom artwork for each one.
• iPhone and iPad support.
• No in app purchase. One price gets you 20 maps, and 2 breeds to play.
From the creators of Bob's Journey for the Sidekick... SquirrelWarz is a handcrafterd real time strategy mixed with casual game-play – perfect for short and addictive games on the go. We've taken the best parts of strategy games and combined them with hand-drawn squirrels and painted watercolor backgrounds.
An army of squirrels is awaiting your orders. Do you have what it takes to lead your furry troops to victory?

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EaseUS ToDo Backup 10 review: Local and cloud backup under one roof

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EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 10 may not have the cachet of rival , but it's nearly as capable. Perhaps more so for the average user if you count its ability to back up to online services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. It also supports LTO 4 tape, which alone warrants an upgrade to the program's if you're one of the diehards still rocking serial storage.Design 
Having not seen ToDo Backup for several full versions, we were pleasantly surprised at the revamped interface. The appearance and organization are far cleaner, and the workflow is tuitive. Icons are clearly labeled so there's no guessing what's what, at least if you understand the jargon. For instance, "mount" refers to opening existing backup images so that they appear as a drive letter, letting you browse their contents in Windows Explorer. Even we didn't understand what "Include all contents referred to Reparse Point" meant. It should read "referred to by the reparse point," which means if you have a shortcut to My Documents on your D drive, the contents of the actual My Documents folder will be backed up along with the D drive.


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