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With the No. 1 seed Eagles 'vulnerable,' the Minnesota Vikings are Troy Aikman's NFC team to beat

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Joe Buck thinks the NFC is up for grabs this season & his partner, Troy Aikman, agrees. Although he does think one team is more well-rounded than the rest.

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Some Republicans Choose To Back Roy Moore's Opponent Doug Jones

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Alabama's Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has denied allegations of sexual misconduct, but some in his party can't get behind him. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with former Jeb Bush spokesman and GOP strategist Tim Miller about why he's supporting Moore's opponent.

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How To Tell Your Boss You're Overworked -- And Underpaid

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Hector likes his job but he's overworked and underpaid. How should he bring up the issue with his manager?

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GOP hopefuls' new must-have: Megadonors

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Republican Senate candidates are employing Jeb Bush’s big money strategy, lining up wealthy patrons before even announcing they’re running.


Ten Signs You're Promotable -- And Ten Signs You're Not

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Rohin is thinking about applying for a Team Leader job but Rohin isn't sure it's a great idea. What do you think?

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Jeb Bush on Irma: Millions 'Will Be in Harm's Way'

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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Friday that "millions of people will be in harm's way" with Hurricane Irma and that "the physical damage is going to be serious for sure.""The focus is making sure people are prepared and getting people to hunker down if they can't safely...

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I plan to shelter in place for Irma, says Jeb Bush, who as governor saw 9 hurricanes hit Florida

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Florida residents must heed the warnings of local officials, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush urges.

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Former Gov. Jeb Bush: Dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes

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Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) talks about the lessons he learned about dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes.

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Former Gov. Jeb Bush: Bracing for Irma's aftermath

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After the storm more deaths occur than before the storm, says Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) talking about the dangers of post-storm hurricanes.

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Court backs stewardess in Aeroflot size case

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Flight stewarding might look like a glamorous job but it certainly comes with its challenges. When a few extra pounds resulted in a pay cut an Aeroflot stewardess decided to take her employer to court.


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