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White House reporter: Michael Wolff had 'largely unfettered access' to West Wing

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Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire has given his verdict on Michael Wolff's controversial book on President Donald Trump. "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" is drawn from what Wolff said was regular access to the West Wing and more than 200 interviews, including some three hours with Trump himself. Lemire says Wolff had "largely unfettered access" to the West Wing compared to other White House reporters. "Reporters in the White House, myself included, saw the author Michael Wolff coming and going," he said. Lemire, who received an advance copy of the book, described some aspects of "Fury and Fury" as not "entirely accurate". "The book claims that Donald Trump did not know who John Boehner was. The former House speaker. And the White House has said that, not only they said that's silly, but any simple check of Trump's Twitter archives suggests that he has tweeted about Boehner a number of times. So that is one moment that does not appear to be entirely correct." But Lemire said other things do stand up, given what reporters who have covered this White House know.   Video block text  

Freedom Caucus deals brush-back pitch to House GOP leaders

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Freedom Caucus has been on its best behavior these past few months. The group of about three dozen hard-right Republicans has a penchant for fighting with GOP leaders over tactics and strategy, and helped topple Speaker John Boehner, but it has played nice in the party's drive this fall to ...]

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There are 'Nazis' in Congress, says former Republican leader John Boehner

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“We’ve got some of the smartest people in America who serve in the Congress, and we’ve got some of the dumbest”, Mr Boehner said. “We have some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, and some that are Nazis”. After presiding over a caucus fractured by the rise of the Tea Party, which propelled multiple challenges to his leadership, Mr Boehner ultimately stepped down.

What Paul Ryan can learn from John Boehner's 'tell-all' interview

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Want to be popular? This is the wrong job for you.

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John Boehner blames Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh for GOP going off the rails

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Two conservative radio titans went "to the dark side," Boehner says

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John Boehner Unchained

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The former House speaker feels liberated—but he’s also seething about what happened to his party.

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Meet The Man Who Predicted the GOP's Obamacare Mess

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Former House Speaker John Boehner told us so when it comes to Obamacare.

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John Boehner says Republicans will 'never' repeal and replace Obamacare

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Former Speaker of the House John Boehner has said that Republicans will “never” repeal and replace Obamacare. At a business gathering in Las Vegas, Mr Boehner said Americans have grown accustomed to the law passed in 2010 while he was the House’s Republican leader. Mr Boehner’s comments are a departure from Donald Trump’s rhetoric saying “Obamacare is death”.

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