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Exes Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson reunite for iconic family photo shoot

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Three decades of Hollywood greatness! Don Johnson and his ex-wife Melanie Griffith came...

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Three Generations Of Actresses Reflect On Hollywood, Harassment — And Hitchcock

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Actress Tippi Hedren talks with her daughter, actress Melanie Griffith, and her granddaughter, actress Dakota Johnson, about how being a woman in Hollywood has — and hasn't — changed over the years.

Melanie Griffith 'reticent' towards men after failed marriages

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It's been three years since Melanie Griffith ended her 18-year marriage from third...


Melanie Griffith Reverses Cosmetic Procedures

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Melanie Griffith hopes she looks "more normal now" because she's been having her cosmetic procedures reversed.
The 59-year-old actress - who is divorced from Antonio Banderas - had her first cosmetic procedure 20 years ago to stay looking young and then had more filler and injections to plump up her lips and smooth out her wrinkles.
The 'Working Girl' star thought she looked good until she started getting negative comments about her appearance and so she decided to get injections to "dissolve" the filler which had changer the appearance of her face.
In an interview with Porter magazine, she said: "About seven years ago I started doing injections, and now for the past two, three years, I have been getting it dissolved - it takes a while. I didn't see it until people started saying, 'Oh my God, what has she done?' I was so hurt I went to a different doctor and he started dissolving all of this s**t that this other woman doctor put in. I had done to my lips too. So awful. Hopefully, I look more normal now."
It was Griffith's 'trout pout' which attracted the most attention and she believes her lips ballooned up so much because she had an allergic reaction to the substance used.
The Hollywood star - the daughter of 'The Birds' star Tippi Hedren - said: "Somebody put this ridiculous stuff in and I think I must have been allergic to it."
As well as her medical struggles, Griffith has also battled alcohol and cocaine addiction entering rehab for the first time after her Golden Globe-winning performance in 1988's 'Working Girl' alongside Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford.
In spite of her substance abuse issues, Griffith insists she was always a good mother to her kids 'Fifty Shades' star Dakota Johnson, 27, Stella Banderas, 20, and 31-year-old Alexander Bauer but accepts she "f***ed up"
She said: "I was a totally functioning mom. I wasn't like a drunk-on-the-floor, out-of-it type person. I didn't so some things I probably should have done but mostly, I was there for my kids. They had a sort of privileged gypsy life. I did my best, and I will continue to do my best and yeah, of course, I f***ed up."

Melanie Griffith Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery Regrets and Why Her Marriage With Antonio Banderas ''Fell Apart''

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Melanie Griffith is not too proud to admit she has some regrets in her life...namely, going overboard with plastic surgery. The 59-year-old is featured in the latest issue of Porter...


Melanie Griffith Is in Hugh Dancy's Crosshairs in Her The Path Debut

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Tess McGill she ain't! Melanie Griffith makes her debut on Hulu's The Path on Wednesday, March 8 and while she may be a working girl, she's not that Working Girl. In the...


Mariah Carey Tries Bowling In Heels At Pre-GRAMMYs Party (VIDEO)

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Mariah Carey isn't bowling anyone over at the GRAMMYs this year -- since she's not up for anything -- and doing about the same in a 60 foot lane. Mariah tried bowling in her heels Saturday night at Melanie Griffith's house in Bev Hills during...



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