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Esports Life is coming to Steam on the 30th November

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The highly awaited pro-gamer simulator Esports Life will be released on Thursday, November 30th, 2017 via Steam for PC (MAC and Linux version will follow at a later time).

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Blade & Soul Previews the Dungeons and Raid of the Lost Continent

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Upcoming Lost Continent dungeons and raid content are detailed as Blade & Soul prepares for yet another major content update to the MMO.

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Review: Nioh: Complete Edition (PC) | Blast Away the Game Review

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Blast Away the Game Review Writes: "Im not sure how many times Ive seen this shrine. Ive probably seen it half a dozen times. Half a dozen more than I cared to at this point. Ive dodged, dodged, dodged, and unfortunately somehow Ive still managed to get knocked into the bigger foe ahead of me only to somehow get an arrow in the back. Not even the small alleys between these huts have saved me. I should know this well by now, Ive played this plenty on PlayStation 4 with Nioh, and somehow I still. Manage. To. Freaking. Die. Every. Damned. Time."

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Code Vein Shows Brutal Anime Dark Souls-Like Action and Characters in New Trailer

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During the Golden Joystick Awards, Bandai Namco released a new trailer for its upcoming Souls-Like Action JRPG Code Vein. The video is pretty much split be

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Looks Gorgeous in New Trailer

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During the Golden Joystick Awards, Bandai Namco released a brand new trailer for the upcoming JRPG by Level-5 Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom.

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Stalwart 75-PT1003 12V Lithium Ion 75 Pc 2 Speed Drill and Accessory Tool Set - $44.99

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This Stalwart 75-PT1003 12V Lithium Ion 75 Pc 2 Speed Drill and Accessory Tool Set ...

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SOMA to hit Xbox One in December with new Safe mode

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Neil writes "If you like horror then you would probably have heard of SOMA - the sci-fi horror title from Frictional Games. It's been available on PS4 and PC previously but today it has been confirmed that it'll be hitting Xbox One... with a 'Safe Mode' attached!"

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Microsoft's Surface Book 2 has a power problem

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Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has a power problem. When operating at peak performance, it may draw more power than its stock charger or Surface Dock can handle. What we’ve discovered after talking to Microsoft is that it’s not a bug—it’s a feature.
You can understand our confusion, given how Microsoft initially positioned the Surface Book 2. “This is a desktop,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president of devices, Panos Panay, went so far as to call it. “For many, this is likely the most performant desktop they’ve ever seen.” Most models come with a discrete Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU (the lowest-end model has a GTX 1050). At the launch event, Microsoft showed off Cuphead and Gears of War 4 playing at high frame rates on the Surface Book 2, implying that it was capable of playing PC games.

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Destiny 2s Curse of Osiris Expansion Gets Epic (and Funny) Opening Cinematic

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See the epic and funny introduction to the Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2, coming in less than a month to a console and PC near you.

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Black Friday deals: The cheapest gaming PC you can build

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The one thing we like more than building our own PCs is doing so for . Now’s the best time for that: Black Friday deals often include amazingly low prices on components, fantastic combo and bundle deals, and extras like a copy of a video game.
Last year, I decided to see just how low you could go using Black Friday deals. I came up with , all based around a Micro Center combo deal on AMD’s FX-8350 and a compatible AM3+ motherboard. The cheapest of them was $350, inclusive of the Windows license.

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