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Planetbase (PS4) - Review | SquareXO

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Rob Pitt writes: If you follow me on Twitter then you will know how much I love resource management, simulation and strategy games. For example, next week I have my review of Railway Empire going live (as well as a bunch of videos already on Youtube) and my most anticipated game of the year is Tropico 6. So imagine my surprise when I found out a few weeks ago that the PC and Xbox exclusive base builder, from Madruga Works, was getting a PS4 release. I was over the moon (quite literally, as youll find out). Planetbase is more akin to games such as The Settlers, Anno 2205 and Aven Colony rather than Simcity and Cities Skyline as the main focus is on resource management and building individual components. So, grab six of your fellow astronauts and a couple of robots and come with me as we explore a barely habitable planet and see if Planetbase is out of this world or simply lost in space


$20 sale on PS4 games include Warriors All-Stars, Batman: The Enemy Within and more

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Amazon has discounted several PS4 games, including Akiba's Beat, Batman: The Enemy Within, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Little Nightmares Complete Edition, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, Warriors All-Stars and more.

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PS4 Pro Will Cost $935 USD in Brazil

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Carlos Paschoal, the general manager of the brand in Brazil, said that PS4 Pro will arrive in the country in the next month on February 19 at a suggested price of $2999 BRL. An analyst, Daniel Ahmad points out that this amount of Brazil converts to approximately $935 USD.

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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Images Revealed

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Square Enix displayed a few pieces of artwork of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 as part of an exhibition in Tokyo.

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Monster Hunter World Is a Jurassic Park Role-Playing Game With Cats [Gadgets 360]

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Gadgets 360 says: "Furthermore, the game is a visual showcase for the PS4 Pro. Theres a welcome sense of consistency with beach environments and dense jungles alike being great to look at, as is your home base. Developer Capcom has thankfully included an option to allow users to prioritise graphical quality or frame rate prior to playing, and has a toggle for HDR as well. All of this ensures theres barely a pixel out of place and choosing better image quality didn't make the game any less playable, with it maintaining a stable frame rate even in busy sections."

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Vesta (PS4) - Review | SquareXO

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Rob Pitt writes: I love a good puzzle, give me a sudoku or a picross puzzle and Ill hand it back to you completed within a matter of minutes as I like to think I have a logical mind and can easily overcome any problem thrown my way. Imagine my surprise when I got my hands on Vesta from Finalboss Games and had to really concentrate to work out the solutions to the puzzles at hand! Ive played a few games throughout 2017 which have you control multiple characters at the same time in order to solve puzzles, such as The Girl and The Robot, but what makes Vesta stand out is the difficulty curve and the ingenious puzzle/level design on offer. Dont get me wrong, Vesta isnt the Dark Souls of puzzle games as every puzzle can be solved logically; however, some of them are just a little frustrating! Grab your robotic sidekick and come with me as I see if Vesta will leave you saying Viva la Vesta or Hasta la Vesta, baby

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PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch Japan Lifetime Sales November 2017

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When you compare monthly sales to a year ago the Xbox One is up, while the PlayStation 4 is down. The PlayStation 4 is down 92,081 units and the Xbox One is up 914 units. The Switch outsold the PlayStation 4 by 265,440 units and the Xbox One by 374,517. The PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One by 109,077. Looking at market share for the month, the Switch managed to achieve 77 percent. The PlayStation 4 accounted for 23 percent of the consoles sold, and the Xbox One less than one percent.


Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Collector's Ed. PS4 for $30 + $6 s&h

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Newegg offers The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Collector's Edition for Playstation 4 for $99.99. Coupon code "EMCXERP39" knocks it to $30. With $5.99 for shipping, that's $44 below last year's preorder mention and the lowest price we could find now by $16. In addition to the game, it includes a Dwarven Colossus statue, full-color story book, and map of Morrowind. Deal ends January 21.

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L.A. Noire (PS4) - Review | SquareXO

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Rob Pitt writes: Ill be honest here, I own L.A. Noire on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC yet Ive never played it until now. I didnt not play it for any particular reason, I just saw it as a game which would need me to invest a lot of time into and I never had the time to sit down and drift into Rockstars masterpiece. However, I was given the PS4 remaster so I made time and played the whole game through to the end credits and Im glad I did. I feel like I accomplished something and finally understand what all the hype for the game was about and how it was all justified. So, come with me as I don my fedora and become Cole Phelps once more and solve the mystery of case #69: Is this game worth buying/rebuying?

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Used Final Fantasy XV for PS4 or Xbox One for $5 + at Redbox locations

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With stock varying by ZIP, Redbox offers used copies of Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for $4.99 at participating locations. That's $12 below our mention of a new version from Black Friday week and the lowest price we've seen for this game in any condition. (It's $15 under the best deal for a new one today.)

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