Friday, 23 February 2018
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Cryptic New Species of Shark Identified: Atlantic Sixgill Shark

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An international team of marine biologists from the United States and Belize has confirmed that sixgill sharks residing in the Atlantic Ocean are a different species than their counterparts in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The team’s findings were published online this month in the journal Marine Biodiversity. The sixgill sharks of the genus Hexanchus [...]


First evidence of surprising ocean warming around Galápagos corals

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A new analysis of the natural temperature archives stored in coral reefs shows the ocean around the Galápagos Islands has been warming since the 1970s. The finding surprised the research team, because the sparse instrumental records for sea surface temperature for that part of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean did not show warming. Scientists thought strong upwelling of colder deep waters spared the region from the warming seen in other parts of the Pacific.

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Admiral House / Molina Designs

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The project is located in the city of a few miles from Venice Beach, in a neighborhood that has been growing substantially in the last decade due to its privileged location of being between the Pacific Ocean coast and the center of the city.


Fishermen rescued after 8 days in Pacific

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The US Navy says it has rescued three fishermen who were adrift on a boat in the Pacific Ocean for eight days.


Today in History for February 21st

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Highlights of this day in history: Malcolm X assassinated; President Richard Nixon visits China; Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart makes a tearful confession; Steve Fossett is the first to fly across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon. (Feb. 21)


Mystery of phytoplankton survival in nutrient-poor pacific

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Upwelling in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean provides essential nutrients for the region’s microscopic plants, but iron – a key ingredient that facilitates nitrogen consumption – is in short supply. To compensate, the phytoplankton band together to recycle the scarce metal and retain it in their upper-ocean habitat, scientists have discovered.


Key to predicting climate change could be blowing in the wind

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Dust that blew into the North Pacific Ocean could help explain why the Earth's climate cooled 2.7 million years ago, according to a new study.

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