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11 Things Radiohead Could Do That Would Be Smarter Than Suing Lana Del Rey

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It’s true that Radiohead hasn’t yet filed a lawsuit demanding royalties from Lana Del Rey for allegedly copying “Creep” in “Get Free,” the album closer from Del Rey’s recent Lust for Life. Yet it’s unlikely that Lana Del Rey would tweet about the prospect of being sued by Radiohead unless ...


Making Sense of Radiohead’s Nonsensical Copyright Dispute With Lana Del Rey

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In what’s threatening to become the next “Blurred Lines,” there’s a new hotly contested copyright dispute brewing that involves two powerful names in music, as well as one of the defining songs of the ’90s. Lana Del Rey revealed last weekend that Radiohead is suing her over similarities between her ...


Radiohead's publishers deny suing Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey pulled out of her gig in Missouri after suffering from the flu.


Radiohead Is Ringing in the New Year by Suing Lana Del Rey for Copyright Infringement

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After a week of rumors that pointed to a new musical lawsuit on the horizon, spooky songstress Lana Del Rey has confirmed Radiohead is in the process of suing her for copyright infringement. This alleged infringement stems from Del Rey’s song “Get Free” — off her newest album Lust for ...


Lana Del Rey cancels concert amid Radiohead copyright battle

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The singer is hoping to be well enough to take to the stage on Thursday (11Jan17) in Chicago.


Lana Del Rey prepared to remove track from album over Radiohead dispute

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Radiohead are suing Lana Del Rey after accusing her of lifting from their 1992 hit Creep.


Did Lana Del Rey 'Creep' on Radiohead's Song?

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Lana Del Rey may soon be facing a copyright infringement suit by Radiohead over her song, "Get Free," and its alleged similarities to "Creep."

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Lana Del Rey says Radiohead are suing her

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The pop star says the band are asking for 100% of the royalties to her song Get Free.


Lana Del Rey reveals she is being sued by Radiohead for 'copying Creep'

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Lana Del Rey is being sued by Radiohead over copying the band's hit single Creep, the US star has said.

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