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Facebook buys Boston software company that authenticates IDs

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Facebook Inc is buying a software firm that specializes in authenticating government-issued identification cards, the two companies said on Tuesday, a step that may help the social media giant learn more about the people who buy ads on its network.

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Facebook admits social media threat to democracy

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January 24, 2018 5:00 AM
WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS • Facebook has acknowledged that the explosion of social media poses a potential threat to democracy, pledging to tackle the problem head-on and turn its powerful platform into a force for "good".

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New Research Says Violent Deaths of LGBT People in Brazil At Record High

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Violence lethally targeting LGBT people in Brazil hit an all-time high during 2017 after a sudden spike new research revealed on Monday, according to The Guardian. LGBT watchdog group, Grupo Gay de Bahia, said that at least 445 LGBT Brazilians died as victims of violence related to homophobia in 2017, increasing almost 30% from 2016. The victims included 387 murders and 58 suicides and included several cases that went viral across Brazil last year, such as in March when Dandara dos Santos, a transgendered woman was beaten to death in Fortaleza, with a video online showing the barbaric incident on social media while her attackers called her homophobic slurs. Brazil is one of the world's most...

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Dublin hotel bills vlogger £4.6 million for 'publicity' after she accuses owner of bullying over free accommodation

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The owner of a Dublin hotel has billed a video blogger for nearly £4.67 million (€5.3 million) after refusing her a free stay she asked for in exchange for social media posts.

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New York Pizzeria Serves `Tide Pod` Inspired Pizza

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A pizzeria in Brooklyn is taking advantage of the latest social media challenge by creating "pied pods."

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Apple's Tim Cook keeps nephew off social media

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Tim Cook criticises social media as providers face demands for tougher regulation.

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Facebook no guarantee for democracy

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Facebook says it can offer no assurance that social media is on balance good for democracy, but the company says it is trying what it can to stop alleged meddling in elections by Russia or anyone else.

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Facebook says it can't guarantee social media is good for democracy

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Facebook warned on Monday (Jan 22) that it could offer no assurance that social media was on balance good for democracy, but the company said it was trying what it could to stop alleged meddling in elections by Russia or anyone else.

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Apostrophes trip up Kazakhstan's move away from Russian alphabet

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Kazakhstan's quarter-century struggle to assert its autonomy from former overlord Russia has hit an unlikely snag: the lowly apostrophe.  A vast but sparsely populated country wedged between Russia and China, Kazakhstan came under the rule of its northern neighbour as Russia and Britain jostled for control of Central Asia in the Great Game. It also came under its linguistic influence, and to this day, many Kazakhs speak more Russian than their Turkic native tongue.  This became especially concerning after Russian state media, which remain popular in Kazakhstan, helped whip up Russian-speaking separatists to fight government forces in Ukraine in 2014. In April, Kazakhstan's president of 27 years, Nursultan Nazarbayev, ordered the government to prepare a new Kazakh alphabet based on Latin characters and ditch the one based on Russia's Cyrillic script, which the Soviets implemented in 1940. He has said this will give Kazakhstan “real independence” and help it join the “information world”. But a cumbersome version of the new alphabet chosen by Mr Nazarbayev last autumn has sparked rare dissent in this authoritarian country due to its ample apostrophes. Of 32 letters in the alphabet, nine are written with an apostrophe. Mr Nazarbayev meets with Vladimir Putin in December. He has tried to gently assert Kazakhstan's independence from its former overlord Credit: Alexander Nemenov/Pool Photo via AP An “against apostrophes” hashtag soon appeared on social media. So did a “No to Kazakh Latinisation with apostrophes!” Change.org petition in October, which was briefly blocked. Film director Saken Zholdas made a video explaining how inconvenient the apostrophes were.  “With this decision, we are unintentionally, or maybe intentionally, killing the brand of Kazakh language once and for all,” he said. The problem lies in the need to differentiate related but distinct Kazakh sounds, such as a long and short “a,” or consonants similar to “s” and “sh”.  Setting them apart with an apostrophe allows the alphabet to be typed on a standard Latin keyboard, but also produces odd flurries of punctuation and many eyesore words. For instance, the word for “bottle,” pronounced “shisha,” is written “s'i's'a”, while “east,” pronounced “shyghys,” becomes “s'yg'ys”. Those are hardly the worst: The word for “skier” will be “s'an'g'ys'y” and that for “crucial” will be “s'es'u's'i”. The Republic of Kazakhstan will be written “Qazaqstan Respy’bli’kasy”. The palace of peace and reconciliation designed by Norman Foster in Astana, Kazakhstan Credit: Sergei Bobylev/\TASS via Getty Images Some have speculated that Mr Nazarbayev picked the apostrophes to keep Kazakh distinct from the Latinised alphabets of other Turkic languages and placate Russia, which since Soviet times has feared pan-Turkic movements along its southern border.  “The guy just liked it, and since our country is this way, no one in government can tell the president no,” Aidos Sarym, a political analyst who previously served on a state working group on Latinisation, told The Telegraph.  Last month, Mr Nazarbayev said while the new apostrophes had caused “much discussion,” this version was the right one because it suited computer keyboards.  But at the same time it complicates web searches and social media hashtags, where an apostrophe between letters splits them into separate words.  “From a technical point of view, apostrophes create more problems than they solve,” said political analyst Dosym Satpayev. Mr Nazarbayev appears with Donald Trump in the White House on Tuesday. He has tried to balance relations with the United States, Russia and China Credit: Olivier Douliery/Pool via Bloomberg In his video, Mr Zholdas suggested replacing the apostrophes with accent marks over the nine letters in question, a move he said could be supported by 70 per cent of computer fonts. Despite the defence of his version in December, Mr Nazarbayev also said there was still time to “work with the new alphabet” before the country switches over fully in 2025, giving hope that he could eventually relax his stance. “He wants to go into history … as the father of the new Latin Kazakh alphabet,” Mr Sarym said. “You can choose any version and let it be called the Nazarbayev version, but do it right so there aren't problems now, and so that tomorrow we won't have to do an upgrade.”

Only one in four trust social media, says survey

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Two-thirds of Britons think platforms like Facebook and Twitter should be more tightly regulated, according to a survey.

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