Friday, 23 February 2018
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Mastermind of attacks on the South to head North Korean delegation to Olympic closing ceremony

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Pyongyang has announced that a hawkish general who is widely considered to have orchestrated a number of attacks on South Korea will lead the North Korean delegation to the closing ceremony of the Pyeonchang Winter Olympic Games on Sunday. General Kim Yong-chol presently serves as head of the Workers’ Party United Front Department but previously oversaw the regime’s shadowy Reconnaissance Bureau, the clandestine intelligence agency. South Korean intelligence believes Gen Kim masterminded the sinking of the South Korean corvette Cheonan off the west coast of the peninsula in March 2010, with the loss of 46 crew. Eight months later, North Korean artillery bombarded the island of Yeonpyeongdo, 50 miles west of the port city of Incheon, killing two South Korean soldiers and a further two civilians. The South Korean government has nevertheless confirmed that it will permit Pyongyang’s eight-strong delegation to attend the ceremony and that Moon Jae-in, the South’s president, will meet with them. Mr Moon will also meet Ivanka Trump, who is due to arrive in Seoul on Friday and will be heading the US officials at the closing ceremony. Despite suggestions that the event might be an opportunity for the two sides to talk, is unlikely that the US officials will agree to any such face-to-face meeting. At a glance | North Korean sanctions that were eased for Olympics Opposition parties in the South have expressed their outrage at that they see as Mr Moon kow-towing to the regime in Pyongyang. “The main culprit of the Cheonan’s sinking can never set foot on the land of the Republic of Korea”, Jun Hee-kyung, of the opposition Liberty Korea Party, said in a statement. Mrs Jun said North Korea’s decision to send Gen Kim to the closing ceremony is “shameless” and a “rare humiliation” for the South. She added that the only way Gen Kim should be permitted to enter South Korea would be if he was coming to “kneel before our people”, Yonhap news reported. Kim Hyun, a spokesman for the ruling Democratic Party, welcomed Pyongyang’s announcement and said, “We expect this visit will contribute to easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula and moving inter-Korean relations forward”. He added that he hopes the North’s officials will meet with the US delegation that will be attending the ceremony and will include Ivanka Trump. North Korea war puff The White House confirmed on Wednesday that President Donald Trump has asked his eldest daughter to lead the “high-level delegation” to Pyeongchang. An official of the administration ruled out the possibility that Mrs Trump, who is due to arrive in South Korea on Friday, would meet with North Koreans during her three-day stay. Instead, she is scheduled to meet with female defectors from North Korea to hear about their experiences. It was revealed on  Tuesday that Mike Pence and North Korean officials had planned to meet secretly during his trip to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, but Pyongyang scrapped the talks after the US vice president denounced abuses from the "murderous regime". In an interview printed on Thursday, Mr Moon declared that South Korea’s relations with the US are “rock solid” and “as robust as ever”, despite concerns that the apparent detante on the peninsula may be sidelining the US. He claimed that Mr Trump supports his efforts to engage North Korea in discussions, including a possible bilateral summit that Pyongyang has proposed.

World War 3: Japan and India vow to combine forces in AI to create elite ROBOT soldiers

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JAPAN and India are planning to work together and strengthen ties by increasing cooperation in defence, robotics, and AI to undermine China’s regional ambitions and North Korea’s nuclear plans, it has been revealed.


Turkey to develop unmanned tanks, president says

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ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's president says the country will develop unmanned tanks to minimize risks to soldiers in combat. Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the plan Wednesday during a speech delivered at a conference on Turkey's five-year development plan. His comments came as Turkey's military is carrying out a cross-border offensive in Syria to clear ...]

Reliant on UK? Armed with BROOM HANDLES German army too DECREPIT for battle, SLAMS report

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GERMANY’s armed forces are suffering from such severe shortages of weapons that it cannot meet its Nato commitments and its soldiers are forced to carry out drills with broom handles, it has been revealed.


Stockholm attack ‘to pressure Sweden’

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The man suspected of carrying out a deadly truck attack in Stockholm says he "wanted Sweden to stop sending soldiers to war zones where the Islamic State is being attacked," when questioned about his motive.


Thai survival training: Drinking cobra blood in the jungle

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US and South Korean soldiers learn essential jungle survival skills in Thailand.


Israel strikes Gaza after soldiers hurt, two Palestinians dead

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Israeli fire killed two Palestinian teenagers in Gaza, local health officials said on Sunday, after Israel launched attacks against 18 targets belonging to militant groups in the enclave in response to an explosion that wounded four Israeli soldiers. The flare-up, which started on Saturday and had died down by Sunday morning, was one of the biggest in the Gaza Strip since a 2014 war between Israel and Palestinian militants. It began with a bomb blast on the Israel-Gaza border that wounded the Israeli troops.

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IS kills 27 Iraq pro-government fighters: paramilitary force

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The Islamic State group killed 27 pro-government fighters in an ambush in Iraq, their paramilitary group said Monday, underlining the threat still posed by the jihadists despite Baghdad's declaration of victory. IS members, disguised as soldiers, attacked a Hashed al-Shaabi unit in the Hawija region about 300 kilometres (185 miles) north of Baghdad on Sunday evening, the auxiliary force said in a statement. "The attackers were dressed in military uniforms and during the fighting 27 of our heroes were martyred," added the Hashed, a key partner of the government in the battle against IS.

New York Times Investigates Ambush Of U.S. Soldiers In Niger

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A New York Times investigation has found new details about an ambush in Niger last year that left four U.S. soldiers dead. Host Ari Shapiro talks with Rukmini Callimachi who reported the story.

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Israeli military: 4 soldiers wounded in Gaza border blast

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JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military said Saturday that four soldiers were wounded, two seriously, in an explosion along the Israeli border with Gaza.

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