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State Department employees split with Tillerson on child-soldiers list

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The State Department on Tuesday defended Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's removal of three countries from a list of those using child soldiers, after officials upset about his decision wrote a critical dissent memo saying the action violates U.S. law.
The dispute centers on the recruitment and...


REVEALED: Life as woman in North Korea army - soldiers raped and periods stop

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THE brutality of life as a woman in the North Korean army has been exposed after a defector revealed serving in the world’s fourth-largest army was so tough their bodies changed.


North Korea violated armistice crossing border to chase defector: U.N. Command

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North Korea violated the armistice agreement as one of its soldiers crossed the Military Demarcation Line, the border between the two Koreas, chasing a soldier who defected to the South on Nov. 13, an official from U.N. Command (UNC) in Seoul said on Wednesday.


Additional Remains of Sgt. La David Johnson Found in Niger

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A United States military official confirmed to ABC News that additional remains of killed U.S. soldier Sgt. La David Johnson were found on Nov. 12 at the site in Niger where his body was recovered. Johnson was slain along with three other U.S. soldiers when their patrol of 12 U.S. and 30 Nigerian forces were ambushed by an ISIS-affiliated group after departing from the village of Tongo Tongo on Oct. 4. "We can confirm that the Armed Forces Medical Examiner has positively identified these remains as those of Sgt. Johnson," Dana W. White, the chief Department of Defense spokesperson, said in a statement today. "The department continues to conduct a detailed and thorough investigation into the...

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Rex Tillerson accused of violating federal law on child soldiers

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November 22, 2017 8:40 AM
WASHINGTON (NYTIMES) - US State Department officials have accused Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of violating federal law by excluding Myanmar, Iraq and Afghanistan from an annual list of countries that use or fund child soldiers, officials said on Tuesday (Nov 22).


Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe finally resigns, sparking wild jubilation on the streets of Harare 

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as the news began to sink in. "It's shocking, that guy is powerful, very powerful," said Barber Wright Chirombe, one of those who joined the euphoric street celebrations. 4:55PM Zimbabweans take to the streets in Johannesburg  News agencies are reporting that Zimbabweans living in South Africa are taking to the streets in parts of central Johannesburg to celebrate.  Around three million Zimbabweans have emigrated from their home country to South Africa in search of work following Zimbabwe's economic collapse. #MugabeResigns Celebrations downtown Johannesburg as the news of Robert Mugabe resigning as President broke.— EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) November 21, 2017   4:50PM An incredible moment, caught on camera  More pics now coming in from Zimbabwe's parliament. A moment which will go down in history...  Parliament erupts after the announcement  Credit: JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP MP's jumped up and cried out in jubilation  Credit:  JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/ AFP MPs danced and started singing Credit: JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP   4:39PM May: 'An opportunity to forge a new path free from oppression'  Prime Minister Theresa May says Zimbabwe has "an opportunity to forge a new path free of the oppression that characterised his rule". She says Britain would do "all we can" to support "the desire of the Zimbabwean people for free and fair elections and the opportunity to rebuild the country's economy under a legitimate government". 4:37PM 'No one is invincible in life'  Telegraph correspondent Peta Thornycroft, in Harare, reports that she can hear the sounds of "jubilation, chanting, singing, shrieking, horns blaring". Gloria Chimini, 45, a stenographer at the parliament of Zimbabwe who had such a busy day helping move the infrastructure the parliament to the Zimbabwe International Conference Centre, could not stop whooping and crying:  “Oh,my God, Oh my God. I am so happy…now I just don’t care about anything because he is gone.” Innocent Manase, 28, a Harare lawyer told the Telegraph: "No one is invincible in life. Let’s not make a mistake of forgiving his past wrongs. This must serve as an example to future presidents that you don’t take people for granted.” Malvern Grant, a visitor from South Africa, on business in Harare, showed up at the temporary parliament to have a look:  “I am happy that the dictator has gone... All the best to Zimbabwe and Africa. you make us proud. Now, (president) Zuma, you are next.” 4:32PM First pictures are coming in of the celebrations...   People and soldiers celebrate after the resignation of Zimbabwe's president on November 21, in Harare Credit:  MARCO LONGARI/AFP Zimbabweans celebrate in Harare, Tuesday, Nov, 21 Credit: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP   4:30PM Mnangagwa 'to take over in 48 hours' A Zimbabwe ruling party official tells The Associated Press that recently fired Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa will take over as the country's leader within 48 hours. Ruling party chief whip Lovemore Matuke says Mr Mnangagwa, who fled the country after his firing, "is not far from here." The official spoke to the AP immediately after the Parliament speaker announced Mugabe's immediate resignation during impeachment proceedings. Mr Matuke says they look forward to Mr Mugabe doing the handover of power "so that Mnangagwa moves with speed to work for the country." 4:28PM VIDEO: The moment Mugabe's resignation was announced Mugabe resigns: Zimbabwe parliament erupts in cheering and dancing 00:55 4:27PM 'Future of democracy is really problematic' Brian Raftopoulos, Zimbabwe’s veteran political academic, says that while people are cheering now, there is good reason to be concerned about what the future holds: Even the processes put in place from last week indicated it was just a matter of time before Mugabe’s resignation or removal would become a reality. I must admit I thought this man would die in power, because of the power structures he built around himself. I am very concerned about what is coming next. People are over enthusiastic about Mugabe going,  when the future of democratic politics in Zimbabwe is really problematic.  The legacy of the manner in which this was done,  and the centrality of the military,  will see them as arbiters and I fear this will have negative implications for the future.    4:22PM No mention yet who is leading the country... The resignation letter written by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe that was read out by the speaker of the country's parliament made no mention of who he was leaving in charge of the country. The speaker added that he was working on legal issues to make sure a new leader was in place by the end of Wednesday. It is widely expected that Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former security chief known as The Crocodile who fled the country after he was sacked as Mr Mugabe's deputy, will take over.  4:13PM UK Ambassador to the UN: 'The people of Zimbabwe have an opportunity not seen in decades" The people of Zimbabwe have an opportunity not seen in decades: to take charge of their own fates. #MugabeResignation#Zimbabwe— Matthew Rycroft (@MatthewRycroft1) November 21, 2017   4:11PM 'There'll never be anyone like Mugabe' Mugabe government minister Jonathan Moyo, who was purged from the ruling ZANU-PF party along with the president, pays tribute: There'll never be anyone like Cde RG Mugabe. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have served my country under & with him. I'm proud that I stood with & by this iconic leader during the trying moments of the last days of his Presidency. Democracy requires politics to lead the gun!— Prof Jonathan Moyo (@ProfJNMoyo) November 21, 2017   4:08PM Car horns and wild cheering in Harare streets  Our correspondent in Harare, Peta Thornycroft, says Harare is "erupting" with excitement. Cars began honking horns and people cheered in the streets, as the news spread like wildfire across the capital, with thousands pouring out to celebrate. "We are just so happy that things are finally going to change," Togo Ndhlalambi, 32, a hairdresser, said. "We woke up every morning waiting for this day. This country has been through tough times." Some people are holding posters of Zimbabwean army chief Constantino Chiwenga and former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose sacking this month triggered the military takeover that forced Mugabe to resign.    4:02PM Mugabe resigned to 'allow a smooth transfer of power' Speaker Jacob Mudenda read out Robert Mugabe's resignation letter to the parliament. "I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation... with immediate effect," said speaker Mudenda, reading the letter. The letter said Mr Mugabe was tendering his resignation to "allow a smooth transfer of power". The letter was read out in a cheering, dancing Parliament. 3:58PM Zimbabwe's parliament erupts in cheers as speaker announces Mugabe's resignation Zimbabwe's parliament has erupted in cheers as the speaker announces the resignation of President Robert Mugabe. The speaker stopped impeachment proceedings to say they had received a letter from Mr Mugabe with the resignation "with immediate effect." It is an extraordinary end for the world's oldest head of state after 37 years in power. Timeline Robert Mugabe as leader of Zimbabwe  

Military confirms additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson found in Niger

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Sgt. La David Jonson was one of four American soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger on Oct. 4

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More remains belonging to Sgt. La David Johnson found in Niger, military says

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Partial remains of Army Sgt. La David T. Johnson were found about five weeks after he was killed in an ambush in Niger last month, the Pentagon said Tuesday, raising more questions about the operation that led to the deaths of four elite U.S. soldiers.
An investigation team from U.S. Africa Command...


Top Democrat expresses concern Tillerson broke law related to child soldiers

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The law is designed to stop foreign militaries from enlisting child soldiers


Rex Tillerson has been accused of violating a federal law involving child soldiers

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Roughly a dozen State Department officials have accused Tillerson of violating the Child Soldiers Prevention Act

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