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Netanyahu brandishes remnants of Iranian drone shot down in Israel as he warns against 'dangerous Iran tiger'

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Benjamin Netanyahu opened a war of words with the Iranian foreign minister as he used a speech to brandish a piece of Iranian drone destroyed in Israeli airspace and warn that Iran was "greatest threat to our world". Holding what appeared to be a panel of the Iranian drone shot down last week amid rising tensions between the two powers, the Israeli leader asked Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister: "Do you recognize it? You should, it’s yours. Don’t test us." Speaking at a Munich security conference on Sunday, Mr Netanyahu appeared to threaten Iran with further retaliation, adding: "We will act if necessary not just against Iran's proxies, but against Iran itself." Mr Zarif, also speaking at the conference, later dismissed Mr Netanyahu's presentation as "a cartoonish circus, which does not even deserve a response". He accused the Israeli prime minister of attempting to revive anti-Iranian "hysteria". Sunday's gesture comes scarcely a week after military escalation in Syria raised questions about Israel’s mantle of military supremacy in the Middle East. Protesters hold up a heart-shaped sign at a demonstration during the Munich Security Conference in Munich Credit: MICHAELA REHLE/ REUTERS Last Saturday Israel claimed an Iranian drone breached its airspace. An Israeli Apache attack helicopter destroyed it, and in a retaliatory move, Israeli fighter jets were scrambled to Syria, where they attacked a series of high-value targets. It was the largest battery of Israeli strikes on Syria since 1982, during Lebanon’s civil war. It also carried a heavy price: one of the Israeli jets was hit by Syrian fire, downing the plane. The two pilots ejected over Israel and one is seriously injured. For Mr Netanyahu, who is fighting corruption charges at home and may welcome the opportunity to flex some foreign policy muscle, the Munich symposium provided an opportunity to sound the alarm on rising Iranian power and gather support to defeat it. In Syria, the Iran-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah has played a pivotal role in supporting the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, all but ensuring his victory. Profile | Benjamin Netanyahu And in both Syria and Iraq, Iranian troops and Iran-backed militias have played a critical role in battling the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). Mr Netanyahu warned that Tehran sought to exploit the gap left by Isil for its own advance. He said Iran was “trying to establish this continuous empire surrounding the Middle East from the south in Yemen but also trying to create a land bridge from Iran to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza". "This is a very dangerous development for our region,” said Mr Netanyahu. But Iran’s leadership scoffed at his claims. Mr Zarif, who also addressed the conference, called Mr Netanyahu's presentation "a cartoonish circus". Iran nuclear talks Mr Zarif denied that Tehran was seeking "hegemony" in the Middle East. He also accused Israel’s top ally the US of using the conference to "revive hysteria" against Iran. US President Donald Trump has frequently called the nuclear deal a bad one. That view is shared by Mr Netanyahu, who said the 2015 Iran nuclear deal must be scrapped or rewritten in order to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon capabilities. But signatories France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China say the deal cannot be revisited and Iran is holding up its end by allowing inspections. Former US secretary of state John Kerry also weighed in, saying it was wrong to assume Iran would obtain a nuclear weapon as soon as the 15-year scope of the deal ends. "If your house is on fire, are you going to refuse to put it out because you are concerned it will light on fire again in 15 years? Or are you going to put it out and use the intervening time to prevent it ever catching fire again?" Kerry said. In his 2012 United Nations General Assembly address, Mr Netanyahu held aloft a cartoonish drawing of a bomb to illustrate his concerns about Iran’s progress towards making a nuclear weapon.

Jamie Foxx Schools Byron Scott in Impromptu Three-Point Contest

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Jamie Foxx The Renaissance Man strikes again -- this time sending NBA legend Byron Scott back to school during an impromptu shooting contest. Jamie and Byron were attending an All-Star-themed event Saturday night at the Jeremy hotel in...


Mexico earthquake: Powerful 7.2 magnitude quake strikes south and central parts of country

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The epicentre was a southern, surfer town on the Pacific Coast, according to the US Geological Survey. Emergency warning systems were activated in Mexico City, some 348 kilometers (216 miles) from the centre of the quake, and many buildings were evacuated. Video posted by a Washington Post reporter showed crowds of people standing calmly in a central Mexico City square, waiting for the rumblings to pass.

Mueller's indictment of 13 Russians strikes at the heart of the meddling matter

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What Robert Mueller delivered in Friday’s indictment were the first charges for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. The special counsel also buried once and for all Donald Trump’s mealy-mouthed obfuscations over whether Russia was responsible for this confidence trick of breathtaking scope and scale.

Israel strikes Gaza after soldiers hurt, two Palestinians dead

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Israeli fire killed two Palestinian teenagers in Gaza, local health officials said on Sunday, after Israel launched attacks against 18 targets belonging to militant groups in the enclave in response to an explosion that wounded four Israeli soldiers. The flare-up, which started on Saturday and had died down by Sunday morning, was one of the biggest in the Gaza Strip since a 2014 war between Israel and Palestinian militants. It began with a bomb blast on the Israel-Gaza border that wounded the Israeli troops.

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Russian mercenaries, a discrete weapon in Syria

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The death of Russian citizens in Syria from a US coalition strike last week, which has been played down by both Moscow and Washington, has exposed the role of Russian mercenaries in the multi-front conflict. The incident followed a steady trickle of reports about Russians dying in battle in Syria while employed as guns for hire in a privately-owned outfit whose role may be securing oilfields for President Bashar al-Assad. Russia on Thursday has finally recognised that five Russian citizens, not officially affiliated with the Russian military, were likely killed in the strikes in eastern Syria, in the first admission of non-military combat casualties.

FA Cup ´magic´ no surprise to Pochettino after Rochdale thriller

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Mauricio Pochettino was not surprised by the "magic" of the FA Cup once again following Tottenham after they were held to a thrilling 2-2 draw by Rochdale in Sunday's fifth-round tie. Ian Henderson put League One's bottom side ahead before half-time but a Lucas Moura strike and an 88th-minute penalty from Harry Kane looked to ...]

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Universities should 'consider refunding students for strikes' says MP

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Students should get compensation if their education is disrupted by strike action, ministers have suggested.

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Napoli 1 SPAL 0: Allan sends hosts top of Serie A again

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Napoli returned to the top of Serie A after battling to a 1-0 home victory against SPAL. Juventus' derby win over Torino by the same scoreline earlier on Sunday temporarily sent the champions to the summit, but Allan's first-half strike at the San Paolo moved Napoli back above them by a point. Maurizio Sarri's side ...]

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Israelis fear the tinderbox in the Gaza Strip

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February 18, 2018 10:10 PM
TEL AVIV - The newest escalation in Gaza demonstrates the constant threat of war between Israel and the Palestinian radical Islamic Hamas. In what Israelis call the "most severe escalation" since the last war with Gaza in 2014, a booby trap Palestinians planted on the border fence injured four soldiers on Saturday. Following the incident, dull thuds of air strikes thundered through the rainy night as Israeli jets responded with severe bombardments. The air force claims to have struck 18 military targets in the Strip, wounding two people. Two Palestinians were killed as they attempted to approach the border.


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