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Turkey ground forces push into Syria

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Turkish ground forces have pushed into northern Syria's Afrin province as Ankara steps up artillery attacks on a US-backed Kurdish militia it aims to sweep from its border.


Turkey says no turning back from offensive in Syria

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ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's defense minister said Friday there is no turning back from his country's decision to launch a ground assault on a Syrian Kurdish-controlled enclave in northwest Syria, saying the offensive had "de facto" started with the sporadic Turkish military shelling of the area.

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Turkey troops enter Syrian Kurdish enclave

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Turkish ground troops have reportedly entered a Kurdish-held enclave in northern Syria and are advancing with Turkish-backed Syrian opposition forces.


Turkey launches incursion against Syrian Kurdish stronghold

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Turkey launched a ground offensive against Kurdish separatist fighters and Islamic State positions in northwest Syria on Sunday after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ignored calls from the US to avoid attacking Afrin.


Turkey says border town hit by rockets from Syria; 1 wounded

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A Turkish official says suspected Syrian Kurdish fighters have fired rockets from across the border, slightly...

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Turkey Launches Airstrikes on Kurdish Targets in Syria

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Turkish jets began airstrikes on a Syrian Kurdish force allied with the U.S. in the fight against Islamic State, Turkey’s prime minister and Syrian Kurdish fighters said.

Airstrikes pound Syria's Afrin as Turkey launches 'Operation Olive Branch'

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appear dangerously close to a breaking point.

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Turkey says it will press ahead with all out attack on Kurdish held city of Afrin in Syria

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Turkey said Friday that it would press ahead with a full scale assault on a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria despite pleas from the US to hold back.  Ankara has been threatening for days to send its forces into Afrin, a Syrian district near the Turkish border controlled by Kurdish forces who are allied with the US but mortal enemies of Turkey.  Turkish troops shelled the area on Friday and said it was moving units of commandos near the border as well as mobilising pro-Turkish Syrian rebel groups for the attack. “This operation will take place; the terror organisation will be cleansed,” said Nurettin Canikli, Turkey’s defence minister. "The operation has actually de facto started with cross border shelling.” Mr Canikli said Syrian opposition fighters would lead the attack with the support of Turkish ground forces.  Graphic: Areas of control in Syria As of Friday night, an all out ground invasion did not yet appear to be underway. Turkey has in the past promised a major incursion into northern Syria but pulled back at the last minute.  Turkey’s apparent willingness to press ahead with the attack, despite American objections, illustrates the dire state of relations between Washington and Ankara.  Turkey has long fumed over America’s decision to ally itself with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).  The US has found the Kurds to be effective allies against the jihadists but Turkey accuses them of carrying out terrorist attacks against Turks.  Turkish anger reached boiling point this week after US officials said they were helping the YPG to train a 30,000 strong “border force” that would patrol the Syrian side of the Turkish border. Rex Tillerson, the US secretary of state, hastily tried to ease tensions, insisting that it had been a mistake to call the unit a “border force” but his words have so far done little to appease the Turks.  The potential Turkish offensive is complicated by the presence of Russian troops in Afrin. Turkish state media reported that Russian soldiers had evacuated ahead of the offensive but the YPG said they remained in place.   Turkish military and intelligence chiefs travelled to Moscow this week to discuss the operation with their Russian counterparts. The Syrian regime warned that any Turkish offensive would be considered "aggressive act” an that Syrian forces would attack Turkish aircraft.  But the regime has often issued such warnings to the myriad of foreign militaries operating inside Syria without then acting on them.   

Turkish troops shell Afrin to oust US-backed Kurdish militia

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Turkey on Friday started fresh shelling of the Syrian town of Afrin in a move to oust a US-backed Kurdish militia that Ankara considers "terrorists" and vowed to press on with a full-scale operation against them. The Turkish government has repeatedly warned it will strike Syrian towns controlled by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia, including Afrin, after the US said it was training a 30,000-strong border force there. "The Afrin operation will take place," Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli told A Haber television.

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Turkey faces balancing act amid border offensive in Syria

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BEIRUT (AP) — As Turkey threatens a bloody confrontation with a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia in the main Syrian Kurdish enclave in northwestern Syria, it faces the challenge of maintaining its old alliance with Washington and reinforcing a new rapprochement with Moscow.

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