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Dave Bautista Says He Might Leave USA if Donald Trump Gets Re-Elected

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Dave Bautista says Donald Trump is such an awful president (and human being) ... he might just bounce on the US of A if POTUS gets re-elected. "If he lasts his full term, I may grab my wife and my dogs and pack up and move to...


'He Will Not Step Down.' Roy Moore Allegations Divide Women in Alabama

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The accusations of sexual misconduct are dividing Republicans and women

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| A new disaster looms for British Virgin Islands: how to clean up hurricane mess

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With the economy wrecked and tourist season approaching, dealing with washed up boats, cars and thousands of tonnes of storm debris is an urgent priority
How the Midway Bar came to be destroyed is not in doubt: a 42ft sailing catamaran hangs 10ft about the former bar-room, still wedged in the ruins more than two months after made landfall in the (BVI).
But how it will ever be restored remains unclear: the Sundowner is just one of hundreds of wrecked boats still littered across the island – tossed ashore, dumped on the seabed or torn to pieces by Irma and its sister storm .

I heard an estimate that in the first month we processed a year’s worth of garbage

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Helping Cambodian families from thousands of miles away

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A group of young Long Island girls have been helping families more than 8,700 miles away in Cambodia. Elaine Quijano paid the girls a visit to see how they and their charity have grown

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Thousands March On National Mall To Demand Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

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Thousands gathered Sunday on the National Mall in Washington to demand the federal government increase its commitment to disaster relief on hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

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Former New York state official sued over alleged sex harassment

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A former New York state employee has filed a federal lawsuit alleging she was sexually harassed by a onetime political appointee of Governor Andrew Cuomo, part of a wave of such accusations leveled in recent weeks against public figures.

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Exclusive gaming is harming the industry let's bring the gaming communities together

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Carlos writes: "Its a war thats been raging on since the dawn of the console existence. In recent years its turned some parts of our global community so toxic that even Chernobyl feels like a safer place to be, and yet in an era capable of showcasing some of the finest works of art within its many games, the console which you play on is still a subject thats enough to add the fuel to the fire behind hundreds and thousands of gamers, dividing opinion entirely. But why?"

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Keeping it real: UN climate talks struggle to stay relevant

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There was a telling moment at the 23rd edition of UN climate talks that underscored both the life-and-death stakes in the fight against global warming, and how hard it is for this belaboured forum to rise to the challenge. Twelve-year-old Timoci Naulusala from Fiji, a nation disappearing under rising seas, was delivering a testimonial to ministers and heads of state with crisp English and irresistible charm. Suddenly, describing the devastation wrought by Cyclone Winston last year, his words became measured, his voice hushed.

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Writer Leaves Lenny Letter Citing Lena Dunham’s ‘Well-Known Racism’

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After Girls writer and executive producer Murray Miller was accused of sexual assault by actress Aurora Perrineau, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner issued a statement in support of their long-time coworker, describing Perrineau’s accusation as “one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year.” This prompted ...


'You are not forgotten': Lin-Manuel Miranda, thousands march for Puerto Rico

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Rita Moreno were among the thousands who marched from the Capitol to the National Mall to demand more recovery help for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

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