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How to fix your Wi-Fi network

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Wi-Fi is everywhere and built into everything. It’s like oxygen for internet access, media streaming, gaming, and all types of networking. And it should just work all the time—right? If you’ve had an average experience with Wi-Fi on mobiles devices, laptops, game systems, and more, you know that while a solid Wi-Fi connection might be the norm, those times when it’s not can leave you tearing your hair out.
In this article, I look at a number of common scenarios that cause Wi-Fi problems and how to solve them, whether you’re running your own network or trying to connect to someone else’s using any platform.

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Electronic Arts' Fall From Grace - A Short History Lesson On What Was Once A Great Company

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May: Electronic Arts Inc. was founded and incorporated by Trip Hawkins on May 28, 1982, and is the second largest gaming company in America and Europe by revenue and market strategy. EA is now publishing under household label names which includes but not limited to Madden NFL, FIFA, and EA Sports. In the beginning, they started with a vision to support distinguished smaller studios responsible for its games. Promote programmers and designers and develop in-house gaming as early as the 1990s. EA grew to be one of the juggernauts of the gaming industry by the acquisition of several successful publishers. A dream comes true for these promising studios that may change gaming history. But the truth of the matter is, EA just shows these potentials that they may have the cake but cant eat it too.

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Studios And Agencies Prepare For The Labor Code 432.3 Earthquake

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Under this new law, studios will no longer be allowed to ask talent agents for salary histories.

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Plasmonic biosensors enable development of new easy-to-use health tests

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Researchers have developed a biosensor that enables creating a range of new easy-to-use health tests similar to home pregnancy tests. The plasmonic biosensor can detect diseased exosomes even by the naked eye. A rapid analysis by biosensors helps recognize inflammatory bowel diseases, cancer and other diseases rapidly and start relevant treatments in time. In addition to using discovery in biomedicine, industry may use advanced applications in energy.

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Barclays, Deutsche Bank Reduce Asset Bases To Improve Core Capital Ratios

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The largest European banks have seen their profits improve over recent quarters thanks to a strong economic outlook, as most of the fears related to the unexpected Brexit vote last year have largely been put to rest.

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ONRUSH Will Take Full Advantage of XB1X and PS4 Pro; Developers Are Huge Fans of the Switch

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ONRUSH, made by former Evolution Studios developers, will take full advantage of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The devs are also fans of the Switch, though they haven't actually looked yet at what it would take to port the game on Nintendo's console.


NordVPN 3-Year VPN Subscription for $99

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Nord VPN offers its NordVPN 3-Year VPN Subscription for $99. That's $331 off list and the lowest price we could find. The service features 2048-bit SSL encryption, 662 worldwide server locations in 57 different countries, a no-logs policy, and automatic kill switch. You can connect up to six devices simultaneously, and it's compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and more.

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The oldest plesiosaur was a strong swimmer

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Plesiosaurs were especially effective swimmer. These long extinct 'paddle saurians' propelled themselves through the World's oceans by employing 'underwater flight' -- similar to sea turtles and penguins. The find comes from the youngest part of the Triassic period and is about 201 million years old.

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